The Best Fitness Franchise Opportunity

Imagine a place that is always buzzing, full of movement and there is no limit to the number of the person you meet or work with from different backgrounds. You are selling an enjoyable service you are very passionate about and facilitating a better life for your customers. Yes! We are talking about a home based gym.

Opening a gym seems to be full of opportunities as all health minded individuals are on a lookout for high-quality workout solutions providing value for their dollar and offering personal attention. Also, with the increasing number of corporate wellness programs and health insurance incentives fitness business is the perfect market. And if you have a passion for fitness, this is the best time to convert it into a career.


Owning a fitness franchise could be the perfect way to start. You will be an entrepreneur and still not worry about starting from scratch. It will reduce business risk and expenses while increasing profits and a proven way to scale up in less time.

Like the just you fitness franchise family. Their strong brand recognition and an ease-of-doing-business model combined with determination are the perfect equation for success. They offer ongoing training and support in every area of running your business. Right from shopping for real estate, if required, to drawing plans for the gym layout to procuring the equipment, completing the legal formalities and setting up the place; they offer indispensable advice and guidance.

Additionally, they are clearly in tune with their customer base and know how the industry is likely to grow in the next 1-5 years. This helps them to embrace new trends and allows their fitness franchise family to stay current and attract new clients.


The specialty about this franchisor lies in their efforts to see you successful. They have training programs to help you navigate through any issues as easily as possible while saving time, effort and investments. While a full business team including marketers, business coach, and technical experts help in attracting customers and retaining them. To start with, the initial investments and overheads are very low and even the royalty per month is fixed at the time of signing the agreement.

Just your fitness is an industry leader committed to health and wellness – boosting strength, agility, and physical ability including good nutrition and positive mental outlook. If this sounds like the team you want to join contact us.


The Perfect Entrepreneur Journey with Home Based Fitness Business

‘Fashion may change, but fitness and its business will never change.’

Due to our busy lifestyle, we adults tend to do too much exercise at once. After working five days a week, we try to fit in lots of physical activity over the weekend and push our body. This sudden increase in activity raises the risk of injury and thereby stopping all activities for weeks. Thus it is highly recommended to work out several times over the week to get maximum benefits. With an increasing number of health conscious individuals, the timing is perfectly ripe to join a business that promotes a healthier lifestyle.

Some people are happy to work out in a traditional gym; others prefer a more personalized environment.


With this idea, the personalized, home based fitness business is booming paving way for a perfect, ready-made, healthy fitness franchise business opportunity.

Yes, it is the franchise business that I speak off.  A franchise offers tried and tested business model, ongoing support and a greater access to finance. As per statistics, a fitness franchise has about 15% higher five-year survival rate than a start up and one out of every three consumers are more likely to buy a product or service from a franchise.

It is always better to have a franchisor by your side than striking out completely on your own. And a home based Fitness business is one of those very few industries that give their clients consistent benefits. In other words, this industry is very unlikely to receive any type of negative press. The lists of unchanging benefits offered by this industry are unlimited.

Most home based fitness franchise automates their process. This gives the franchise an opportunity to run the show with very few employees, thereby reducing overheads and keeping more profits.


The variety of franchise opportunities in the fitness business is practically unlimited. You could serve only to a certain demographic (women, elderly, kids) or teach large classes or simply cater to individuals one-on-one basis.

Finding the perfect franchisor whose values and ethics are at par with your, is not enough. You have to understand the viability of the market. Most of the target clients will be looking for a non-intimidating supportive environment. They will want programs customized to their personal profile.

If you can ensure this small investment from your part then taking a franchise for a home based fitness business is the right tool for you. And while making this smart decision think about Just You Fitness franchise. Their franchises have remained open for five years or more successfully growing each year.

The Best Career Option For A Fitness Freak – Fitness Franchise

People are becoming more and more aware of the benefit of staying physically fit, hence the demand for fitness trainers is booming. Alongside, with everyone’s busy schedule, they are also looking for gym conveniently located and affordable.


If you have the passion of helping people achieve their fitness goal then a home based fitness franchise is just the right career for you. You will be an entrepreneur within the umbrella of a reputed company, following your passion and earning money. Perfect.

However, there are a few things you will need to keep in mind as a

Personal trainer:

  • Good level of physical fitness
  • Certification
  • An outgoing personality
  • Good communication skills
  • First aid knowledge and skill
  • Passion to make a difference in the life of those around you
  • Loads of enthusiasm and self-motivational skills


  • Business permits as required by your State
  • Insurance
  • Rates and policy contracts including liability waiver
  • Finance for investing in a franchise
  • Business plan
  • Various marketing tactics to market your company
  • Aptitude to run your own business

Before deciding on a fitness franchise, research on the amount of investment required. This includes initial franchise fee, monthly royalty fee, setup cost, equipment cost (sometimes it is included in the royalty fee), etc. Also, understand the extent of support provided during and after set up and if there are training courses available. Most fitness franchises do offer a winning combination of expertise and online training with a low initial investment.


Take up a fitness franchise from just you fitness. Their only purpose in life is to change the way the world works out. According to them, workout should not only be intense and safe but also should be done in style.

Their unique work from home business model is a proven concept. They have a very affordable investment cost with financing available if required. The best part about taking a fitness franchise from Just you Fitness is their ability to give you continuous business, technological and marketing support, even after becoming their franchise partner.

Owning a fitness franchise may seem like a daunting task, but with world-class support at every step of the way, it will be a very simple process with a positive impact on your life.

Fitness Franchise – The Perfect Business For You

Micheal Gerber, in his book E-Myth he talks about how a franchise business has a higher success rate as compared to starting a small business on your own. The success rate of being in business for three, five or more years rises tremendously if you get on board with a franchise.


The reason for this is pretty simple.  The franchiser has already proven the concept, built the entire system, created an operational process and has seen the highs and lows before selling their ‘business model’ to others. And in this case, we are talking about Fitness franchise.

On the other hand, with the rise of health-conscious individuals, investing in a fitness franchise has become very lucrative. Minimal overhead costs, resistance to seasonal changes and multi-unit ownership facilities are few reasons to invest in this business.


A fitness enthusiast with the right entrepreneurial skills can easily capitalize on this rising demand for fitness clubs. But before you jump right in and sign the agreement, make sure you know the following:

Expenses – consider and compare all that is included in the number that the franchisor gives. Ideally, it should include the setup cost, monthly royalty fees, overheads, insurance, etc. Justyoufitness for example clearly outlines every expense in plain and simple language, and keeping the entire agreement transparent thus springing no surprises during or after the franchise is given. Their monthly royalty fee includes brand name, support, marketing, sales and operational guidance, and still, the fee is low as compared to other brands within the same industry.

Support – what kind of support you will get after the franchise is given? A brand should offer their franchise assistance in setting up the studio, continuous support in terms of training, managing the business and operating systems. Justyoufitness goes further and provides a marketing team for lead generation, a technological team for creating, hosting and managing your website and a business coach to help you through all the legalities necessary to start your business.

Taking up a fitness franchise is potentially very rewarding. If you finally decide that it’s right for you, then find a brand who is willing to mentor you.

Talk to justyoufitness team; you never know – it might be the exact business you had always wanted to own!