The Best Career Option For A Fitness Freak – Fitness Franchise

People are becoming more and more aware of the benefit of staying physically fit, hence the demand for fitness trainers is booming. Alongside, with everyone’s busy schedule, they are also looking for gym conveniently located and affordable.


If you have the passion of helping people achieve their fitness goal then a home based fitness franchise is just the right career for you. You will be an entrepreneur within the umbrella of a reputed company, following your passion and earning money. Perfect.

However, there are a few things you will need to keep in mind as a

Personal trainer:

  • Good level of physical fitness
  • Certification
  • An outgoing personality
  • Good communication skills
  • First aid knowledge and skill
  • Passion to make a difference in the life of those around you
  • Loads of enthusiasm and self-motivational skills


  • Business permits as required by your State
  • Insurance
  • Rates and policy contracts including liability waiver
  • Finance for investing in a franchise
  • Business plan
  • Various marketing tactics to market your company
  • Aptitude to run your own business

Before deciding on a fitness franchise, research on the amount of investment required. This includes initial franchise fee, monthly royalty fee, setup cost, equipment cost (sometimes it is included in the royalty fee), etc. Also, understand the extent of support provided during and after set up and if there are training courses available. Most fitness franchises do offer a winning combination of expertise and online training with a low initial investment.


Take up a fitness franchise from just you fitness. Their only purpose in life is to change the way the world works out. According to them, workout should not only be intense and safe but also should be done in style.

Their unique work from home business model is a proven concept. They have a very affordable investment cost with financing available if required. The best part about taking a fitness franchise from Just you Fitness is their ability to give you continuous business, technological and marketing support, even after becoming their franchise partner.

Owning a fitness franchise may seem like a daunting task, but with world-class support at every step of the way, it will be a very simple process with a positive impact on your life.


Get Your Own Fitness & Health Franchise

With mounting health concerns like obesity, wrong eating habits and high health care costs, people in America are now trending towards maintaining healthy lifestyle and staying fit. More and more people are now spending on gym memberships, personal trainers, nutritionist, health supplements, exercising gears etc. With an increasing prominence on health awareness, the fitness and health industry has now crossed $60 billion mark— with no signs of reducing. Fitness Franchises are popping up nationwide.


If you are passionate about staying fit and want to share your enthusiasm with people, it’s a perfect opportunity for you to get going and own a well-established fitness franchise. It will not only kick-start your fitness business with an added advantage but will help you make lots of money doing what you love.

Why Fitness Franchising? It is better to go through a fitness franchise route, as the fitness company has already established significant brand value, clientele and reputation as opposed to opening a unknown fitness center.

How to choose the right Fitness Franchise? Choose a fitness franchise that is successful, has great past record, is consistently one of the top-rated fitness company, has brilliant brand value & reputation, has a team of professional well-trained fitness experts, focuses on excellent customer service, provides proper guidance & financial assistance and doesn’t have a lot of overhead cost.

Gym woman doing push ups

Partner with Just You Fitness. It is the best fitness franchise. From the day, you sign the franchise agreement, they start guiding you on every step. They offer ongoing training and support for the business setup tasks. From shopping for real estate or drawing up plans for your gym’s layout, they offer valuable guidance and advice. They help you in implementing marketing strategies for increased business output. They ascertain that the franchisees are fully aware of new trends and help them capitalize on it for complete customer satisfaction and attracting new clientele.

The stunning combination of your sheer determination, passion for fitness and the Just You Fitness business model will help you achieve your business goals in no time! Whether you are ready to take the dive or just want to enquire more about becoming a Just You Fitness franchise, contact them now!

Fitness Franchise Provides You An Absolute Work-Life Balance

Do you have a passion for fitness or are you a exercise fanatic?

Do you wish to transform this passion into a career?

Then owning a Fitness Franchise is the best answer for you. It’s the right way to be your own boss and luxuriate the advantages of a tried and tested business model. Franchising will further decrease the risk of failure to a great extent.


The Just You Fitness Franchise has several benefits suiting formidable individuals.

Their business is already proven to work. So you’ll easily emulate a successful business model.

Their brand is recognized by individuals so you’re more likely to receive clients without abundant promoting efforts, although it’s indispensable. Additionally getting funding approval (via bank or investor) becomes easy; albeit it may not be necessary.  Fitness Franchise from Just You Fitness is extremely reasonable.

You can be your own boss and work from home! You build your own schedule and want not split profits with a gym. This franchise model provides you larger control over your life and you’ll spend more time together with your family and loved ones.


They provide complete support from serving to set up a state-of-art fitness studio to doing a little ‘heavy lifting’ promoting. Customizing your website, email and hosting it to completing all legal and private training document formalities. Even helping you get a business license and taking care of logistics whereas starting out. Every Fitness Franchise receives on-going business assistance and support. You’re never left alone as Just You Fitness is there each step of the way to assist you succeed.

As mentioned above, taking a Fitness Franchise is very reasonable – low initial investment, low monthly overhead value, and fewer staff. Investing in a gymnasium is comparatively simple. You’ll have to invest in a very premise and secure functional gym equipment. Even here just You Fitness will get you connected with suppliers marketing high-quality equipment at heavily discounted prices. Additionally, you have got the advantage of a home business tax write-off. In short, expense low and returns high.

Just like your clients accomplish their goal of physical fitness, you’ll be able to accomplish your goal of fiscal fitness by turning into a Fitness Franchise.

Personal Training Business from Home


Do you like fitness? Do you exercise regularly? Would you like to improve your financial situation?

If your answer to your question is “YES,” then the answer you’re looking for is a personal training business from home. Fitness is a multi-million dollar worth industry whose value keeps growing steadily. Most fitness franchises today are oriented to taking someone’s money, rather than giving them the opportunity to earn it as well. Just You Fitness is different; with us, you will not only improve your fitness levels and get the Adonis-looking body, but you also have a fantastic opportunity to earn money as well. Everybody needs a financial boost, particularly now in the time of economy fluctuations and increasing prices.

Private-Personal-Training-On-homepageOur fitness franchise offers a different approach and perspective to physical activity. The approach that you haven’t seen before and that uniqueness is the primary reason we’re attracting customers and clients easily. When you join our fitness franchise, you’ll get to work with the best fitness trainers during one-on-one sessions. That allows you to improve your fitness levels and work on your body better than ever before. Having a personal training business from home provides a broad range of benefits that you’ll love; our training sessions are easy to adapt regardless of your free time, fitness status, and experience. The programs we design are easy to track while workout plans are customized to help you reach the goal you specified. Isn’t that amazing?

Personal training business from home and being a part of Just You Fitness allows you to be your own boss; you determine when to schedule sessions with your clients, how to work, and so on. This business allows you to combine a healthy lifestyle with a substantial profit. As a result, you’re stress-free and perfectly calm knowing you have yet another source of income.


This is an affordable investment that works instantly. Our training concept has been attracting (and retaining) customers for more than half a decade, which is marvelous in the competitive market today.

Your success is our priority; that’s why every person who’s interested in having a personal training business from home receives necessary training and education about the business and its every aspect. All you have to do is to apply, and we’re here to help you grow.

Visit our website and contact us for more info.

Personal Training Business from Home

Fitness Franchise

Do you know that fitness is a multi billion-dollar industry? Do you want to be a part of that industry? Nowadays, people are starting to realize the importance of physical activity for overall health and well being. Fitness franchise used to involve big companies that are focused on taking away someone’s hard-earned money. But, things are changing, and you can be a part of a franchise that focuses on helping people reach their fitness goals and improve their financial situation at the same time.


Just You Fitness is a whole new type of fitness franchise which allows you to become financially independent and successful. How is that possible? What do I have to do? It’s easy, all you have to do is to set up a fitness studio in your own home.

With Just You Fitness you have a great opportunity to earn more money and be a part of our fitness franchise. But, I don’t know anything about training other people? Don’t worry; every beginner receives a special training with our team of professionals. There, you learn everything there is to know about running your business, fitness training, and other aspects of having a successful fitness studio in your home. Plus, you can also attend online training courses. The concept of this fitness franchise has proved to be successfully due to the fact we’re able to retain our customers and generate new ones.


Becoming a part of our fitness franchise has numerous benefits including low monthly overhead, training on how to operate and market the business, custom website with an email address and hosting for your location, careful guidance through every part of the process.

This means that Just You Fitness provides everything you need and teaches you about different aspects of this business and all you have to do is to be motivated to succeed. With our help, you’ll have your own clients who will stick with you for long-term. The reason is simple; we are successful in attracting and retaining customers; which is one of the major advantages of our fitness franchise.

Visit our website for more info and apply immediately.

Personal Training Business from Home

In order to live a healthy lifestyle you have to be physically active and eat proper diet. In fact, being inactive puts you at a higher risk of various diseases and there’s a growing body of evidence suggesting that sedentary lifestyle is strongly associated with higher mortality rates. That’s why you should ditch unhealthy food from your diet and start exercising regularly. This is often easier said than done. All of us want to exercise every day, and we always announce tomorrow will be that day. But, when tomorrow comes we think of millions of excuses not to work out. Traveling to the gym is the most common culprit for not following your promise.


It’s, kind of, understandable. You’re working all day and come back home tired. The last thing you want is to pack your gym gear and head out. Exercising before work isn’t an option either because you either have to shower and change clothes at the gym or return home, both these options are impractical. In this situation most people don’t see a way out, but there is. What if someone told you that you can get a dream body in your own home? And what if someone told you that you can even make money that way?

With Just You Fitness you can have a successful personal training business from home, improve your financial situation and look your best at the same time. This fitness franchise offers a whole new approach and perspective to physical activity. It offers a private training concept and one-one-one approach. With us, there are no distractions, other people, and complicated workouts that don’t match your fitness levels.


There are benefits of having personal training business from home and they are:

If you opt to own a studio within Just You Fitness, you’ll also get the following perks:

  • You’re your own boss
  • Affordable investment
  • The entire concept has been attracting and retaining customers for more than 5 years
  • Financing available through third party lender which means you can start immediately
  • Your success is our priority
  • You’ll be able to combine healthy lifestyle with profit

For more information about personal training business from home and other aspects of Just You Fitness, feel free to contact us.