Personal Training Business from Home

In order to live a healthy lifestyle you have to be physically active and eat proper diet. In fact, being inactive puts you at a higher risk of various diseases and there’s a growing body of evidence suggesting that sedentary lifestyle is strongly associated with higher mortality rates. That’s why you should ditch unhealthy food from your diet and start exercising regularly. This is often easier said than done. All of us want to exercise every day, and we always announce tomorrow will be that day. But, when tomorrow comes we think of millions of excuses not to work out. Traveling to the gym is the most common culprit for not following your promise.


It’s, kind of, understandable. You’re working all day and come back home tired. The last thing you want is to pack your gym gear and head out. Exercising before work isn’t an option either because you either have to shower and change clothes at the gym or return home, both these options are impractical. In this situation most people don’t see a way out, but there is. What if someone told you that you can get a dream body in your own home? And what if someone told you that you can even make money that way?

With Just You Fitness you can have a successful personal training business from home, improve your financial situation and look your best at the same time. This fitness franchise offers a whole new approach and perspective to physical activity. It offers a private training concept and one-one-one approach. With us, there are no distractions, other people, and complicated workouts that don’t match your fitness levels.


There are benefits of having personal training business from home and they are:

If you opt to own a studio within Just You Fitness, you’ll also get the following perks:

  • You’re your own boss
  • Affordable investment
  • The entire concept has been attracting and retaining customers for more than 5 years
  • Financing available through third party lender which means you can start immediately
  • Your success is our priority
  • You’ll be able to combine healthy lifestyle with profit

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Just You Fitness – Fitness Franchise

The fitness industry is every-growing and is estimated to be worth more than 70 billion dollars. With more people starting to focus on fitness, losing weight and improving their health, the fitness industry and personal training industry sees tremendous growth continuously. More people are also turning towards personal trainers in order to receive a more personalized training routine that assists with their specific needs. With this in mind, individuals who enjoy staying in shape through thorough training have the perfect opportunity to tap into this growing market by starting their own fitness franchise.


Investing in a franchise opportunity such as the one offered by Just You Fitness can provide interested individuals with an array of benefits and perks. The company provides a complete solution that assists individuals in starting their own branded fitness franchise through a unique, proven system. Other attractive features include the low investment requirements and the flat monthly royalty that needs to be paid. The monthly overhead is also extremely low, which allows for faster growth and more profit to be made.

Owning a fitness franchise through Just You Fitness comes with several benefits, including:

  • The ability to work for yourself and to set your own schedule
  • The system has been proven to be successful for several years
  • You gain the rights to the Just You Fitness operating system
  • You gain the rights to the Just You Fitness branding
  • You get a custom made website that focus on your location
  • You get full training and ongoing support to assist you throughout the entire process


Individuals interested in joining the Just You Fitness business program to start their own fitness franchise can expect to have their business up and running within approximately two months. Once the required franchise fees have been paid, the process will start. Training material will also be provided in order to educate the interested entrepreneur on the different steps that should be taken, as well as on the operation of the day-to-day activities of their new business. The company will also assist with setting up a professional fitness studio in the desired location, which can be at the entrepreneur’s home or inside a commercially leased location.

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